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Best Credit Repair Companies 2019

Last updated on January 17, 2019Having a credit score is important for many reasons, but repairing a credit score by yourself can be difficult, time consuming, and frustrating. The sheer amount of time required leads many people to simply give up and accept low credit as a part of life.But there are solutions!By working with one of the best credit repair companies of 2019, you will increase your chances of having a credit score that helps you get the loans you need for homes, vehicles, and more!

What Everyone Needs to Know About Credit Repair

If you need to borrow money, a strong credit score is one of the most important aspects of loan approval. This means that your credit score is vital when you shop for a car and buy a house, and it can even come into play when you are looking for insurance or renting an apartment.Credit scores give lenders a convenient, simple, and easy-to-understand method for gauging a borrower’s creditworthiness. Yes, some people can certainly get by without a credit score, but if they need an auto loan or a mortgage, they will either be rejected or forced to pay higher interest rates.A person’s credit score is based on many factors, including payment history, how long you have been borrowing money, and the amount of credit you use compared to how much you could use. (Lenders like to see borrowers are not borrowing every single penny possible.)If you have bad credit, it can take hundreds of hours to improve your score. While steady payments and a reduction of overall debt load is helpful, many scores are harmed by false or outdated information on a credit report; such as a bankruptcy that occurred over ten years ago or a missed payment that was filed accidentally. To have these removed, you need to contact the credit bureaus, file disputes, wait for replies, and hope that it can be taken off the report.Do you have time for all that? Perhaps it would be best to seek professional help. Credit repair is simply the process of improving your score, which you can, in theory, do yourself. However, you can also pay to have one of the best credit repair companies do it for you. By paying for this service, you get experienced, reliable support to steadily improve your score. Many companies also offer credit advice, monitoring, and other services that improve your chances of a top-notch credit score.

Best Credit Repair Companies of 2019

Credit Repair CompanyBest Known-forFounded InMonthly FeeConsumer Affair Ratings
Lexington LawOverall coverage1991$89.953.2 stars
Sky BlueValue and service1989$694.8 stars
CreditRepair.comQuality service1997$99.953.1 stars
The Credit PeopleTrial options2001$894.5 stars
Ovation CreditReliability2004$69.994.4 stars

1. Lexington Law

Best Overall Credit Repair Company

Lexington Law is one of the undisputed leaders in credit repair, offering a wide range of services that help clients repair their credit scores. Originally founded in 1991, this company was one of the first firms to take their services online, doing so in 1995. They have a streamlined process that helps reduce costs, allowing lawyer-supported services to be obtainable by virtually anyone. They have furthered the credit-repair industry with innovative technologies, and developed legal strategies that increase the overall effectiveness of their services.


According to their website, Lexington Law has helped hundreds of thousands of clients, but they recognize that each client has a unique situation, so they maintain the ability to tailor their services to specific needs. Thanks to innovative technology, a dedication to service, and creative strategic planning, they state that “more clients put their trust in Lexington Law each year than any other credit repair firm or company.

Pricing: $89.95 to $129.95 a MonthLexington Law offers a three-tiered pricing structure, starting with the Concord Standard package for $89.95 a month. This program gives you the basic credit-repair services, including communication with bureaus on your behalf.For $109.95, you can get the Concord Premier, which is their most popular package. This gives you the basic repair services as well as a score analysis, credit coaching, and alerts from TransUnion.The PremierPlus package, which is available for $129.95, offers all the previous services as well as FICO tracking, identity protection, and tools for financial planning.There is also a budget-level program called Lex OnTrack for less than $25 a month, but the don’t advertise this service so you would need to contact the firm for more information.FeaturesThe features you get will depend on the package you select from Lexington Law. If you choose the most basic, you will get challenges to bureaus as well as interventions that help repair your credit. Features available also include coaching, score analysis, and even FICO score tracking, depending on the package you select. Although you can choose a basic program, Lexington Law offers some of the most comprehensive features you can find.Contract StructureThe contract for Lexington Law is monthly, and you can cancel anytime. This makes using the service more appealing, as you don’t have to commit to a long-term contract. To cancel, users simply need to call Lexington Law’s service number.Customer ServiceThis firm is known for a broad customer-service program, which includes various options for contacting the company. Customers can use phone, email, or chat for help, and the company generally has a good reputation for assisting their clients, although they may not have the strongest rating on some consumer websites.Overall ReputationThis company is largely considered the premier credit-repair company, which is why it’s #1 on our list of the best credit repair companies of 2019. While the price may be higher than others, the variety of features and quality of service make Lexington Law a wise investment for anyone needing credit repair services.Best-Known forOverall CoverageMonthly Fee$89.95Phone1-844-275-1351Editor’s Rating

2. Sky Blue Credit Repair

Best Value for Money Credit Repair Company

Originally founded in 1989, Sky Blue Credit Repair is one of the pioneers of the credit-repair industry. With years of experience and a system that is efficient, affordable, and effective, they are constantly near the top and remain one of the best credit repair companies of 2019. This company is known as one of the best values for people seeking credit repair, and despite having a low price range, they offer a wide variety of services that help clients repair poor credit and maintain a stellar credit score.

Sky Blue Credit Repair Company Review

Blue Sky is propelled to the top of many lists for service and support. They have a support system that they claim is the “Best in Class,” offering real solutions to any credit-repair or service issue. They have representatives that are not paid on commission, so you can expect honest answers, not pushy salesmanship.

Pricing: $69.00 a MonthSky Blue has a simple, easy-to-understand pricing structure. They offer all of their services at only $69.00 a month, and this is the only subscription available, so you don’t have to pick and choose between certain services and tiers; simply pay one low rate and you are given access to everything they offer. The initial price, paid at signup, is actually a setup fee of $69.00, and the next bill, due a month later, is also $69.00.Essentially, you won’t pay more than $69.00 for their services, making them one of the most affordable options. There is also couple’s subscription price, which is $99.99 for the setup and $99.00 all followingmonths.FeaturesAfter enrollment, Sky Blue offers a series of steps that repair a client’s credit score, starting with a line-by-line review of credit reports. Based off the report, they will issue a list of score-optimization tips that apply to your specific situation. They also offer disputes on erroneous items found on your credit reports, and even re-disputes to increase the chances of having negative items removed. They also offer a user-friendly interface for your smartphone or mobile device.One of the most important features for Sky Blue is a 90-day guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their services, you have the opportunity to cancel your subscription and receive a full refund on your money. This guarantee displays confidence in their products and gives you reassurance when signing up for their credit-repair services. If you need more, they also offer extra features including debt validation, goodwill letters, and cease-and-desist letters.Contract StructureThe contracts and payments are monthly, and Sky Blue allows users to pause their membership at anytime if they need a break from the monthly costs. Best of all, they allow a pause with the simple click of a button using their online program, and you can start up right where you left off.Customer ServiceCustomer service is one of the top selling points for Sky Blue. They have a reputation for helpful, friendly, and (most important) effective customer support, which is offered through an 800 number or their customer portal.Overall ReputationValue and service are the two aspects that best identify this company. They have a low price that brings numerous services, and they maintain a strong focus on customer support. With these factors, they are one of the most trusted and reliable credit repair companies of 2019.Best-Known forValue And ServiceMonthly Fee$69Phone1-844-275-1351Editor’s Rating


Best Customer Service Credit Repair Company

Unlike other credit-repair services, the focus for is not simply to improve your credit, but to also educate and empower you to maintain a solid credit profile long after you use their services. They have a system that focuses on creating lasting changes in credit based on an individual approach, and emphasize a customized plan to each credit situation. With this empowering approach, they have steadily gained a reputation as one of the most effective credit-repair services available on the market. 

CreditRepair Best Credit Repair Company Review is increasingly popular because it allows you to follow your credit repair from start to finish, and gives you necessary skills for long-term success with credit. They have over 20 years in the business, and are known for decent service, fair pricing, and effective results.

Pricing: $14.99 for Setup, $99.95 Monthly

To sign up for, you will have to first pay an initial fee of $14.99, which will be used to fund the retrieval of your credit reports. After that, there is a monthly fee of $99.95, which then opens you to the full array of services offered by the company. 


This company offers a single pricing program that gives you access to all of their features, including access to the online dashboard where you can view your account, as well as your overall credit-repair progress. You also have access to a dedicated advisor who delivers personalized service that allows you to navigate the complex credit system. You’ll get monthly credit-score analysis, identity-theft protection, and monthly updated credit reports. Every 90 days, you’ll be given an updated credit score, which allows you to stay informed on your progress. All of these features not only help improve your score, but give you the power to confidently monitor and maintain a beneficial credit rating for years to come. 

Contract Structure

The contracts for are structured monthly, but there is an initial fee. Because they are month-to-month, you can cancel at anytime. 

Customer Service

While the customer support offered by is decent, the best aspect is their customer-service portal, which allows users to conveniently solve their own problems. This can reduce waiting time, and some customers prefer to look for a solution themselves as opposed to counting on a customer-service representative. Having a strong user interface reduces the need for customer support, which is often beneficial to users. 

Overall Reputation

This company is often chosen by people who want to not only improve their credit but learn how to maintain a strong credit score. It’s not exactly a complete do-it-yourself program, as it offers many excellent features that are completed on your behalf, but it is one of the best options for people who want quality service, education, tools, and a focus on long-term credit improvement.

Best-Known forQuality ServiceMonthly Fee$99.95Phone1-844-764-9863Editor’s Rating

4. The Credit People

Best Credit Repair Company with Trial Option

This credit-repair company was founded in 2001 and has been featured in numerous media outlets, including The Wall Street Journal, Smart Money, and USA Today. They have years of experience assisting people with credit issues, and have gained a reputation for effective results at a fair price. They have some of the lowest fees in the industry, and offer free credit reports and scores with their services. While their customer service is only available during working hours, they offer 24-hour access to your account.

The Credit People Best Credit Repair Company

The Credit People organizes their services by teams, with various teams serving in different, yet related, capacities. They have a team for credit repair, score analysis, support, and technology, among many others.

Pricing $19 Trial, $89 Monthly

The Credit People offers a pay-as-you-go structure of $89 a month, which can be cancelled at anytime. One of their most popular features is the seven-day trial period of $19, which allows you to test their services without a full financial commitment. 


This credit-repair agency offers a wide variety of services, but they largely advertise themselves as a “we’ll-do-it-all-for-you” service. They don’t focus as much on teaching you how to maintain a credit score, but rather on the services that they can perform on your behalf, which are numerous. Services offered by The Credit People include a review of your credit report and active disputes on any questionable items found.

They also have an expert who is assigned to your case, and they use a strategy based on information that applies specifically to you. They “aggressively challenge and remove questionable items,” and say they can bring improvements to your score after each month.

One of the top features offered by this company is the full six-month guarantee, which is available to anyone that chooses the flat-fee pricing. This is one of the best, if not the best, guarantee offered by the credit repair companies in 2019.

Contract Structure

The contract structure involves a $19 trial period that is available for people who want to test their services for seven days. If you choose to proceed, there is a $89 monthly fee for using their services. The contract is monthly and you can cancel whenever you please.

Customer Service

This firm only has limited customer service. There is a phone number that customers can call, but they are only available on typical working hours, not 24 hours a day, seven days a week like some call services. They also have email addresses for questions and comments, and while they may not be available at all times, they usually respond to inquiries within 24 hours. 

Overall Reputation

The Credit People is a no-nonsense credit-repair firm that uses a combination of established principles and innovative techniques to deliver results for their clients. Customers get a full variety of effective features, as well as a six-month satisfaction guarantee, which ranks them among the best credit repair companies of 2019.

Best-Known for7-day Trial OptionMonthly Fee$89Phone866-606-6790Editor’s Rating

5. Ovation Credit Repair

Most Reliable Credit Repair Company

Ovation Credit, which was founded in 2004, specializes in the removal and resolution of questionable items that have landed on a person’s credit report. These can include, but are certainly not limited to, late payments, collections, foreclosures, and judgements. The company is from LendingTree, one of the top online mortgage marketplaces in the country, so they have resources, experience, and staff to address a wide range of credit issues.

Ovation-Credit Review - Best Credit Repair Company

They also have specialized credit repair services, and one-on-one customer support, making them a popular choice for many users. Although they offer many services, they are know as one of the best companies for a budget-minded shopper. There is a starting fee that is over $100, but once you pay that fee you can enjoy some of the lowest pricing in the industry, which helps them earn a place among the best credit repair companies of 2019.

Pricing: $114 Initial Fee, $69.00 – $99.00 Monthly

To get started with Ovation Credit Repair, there is an initial fee of $114, which they call the “First Work Fee.” This fee is used to start your account, and then you can choose from many different plan options.

The first is the Essentials Plan, which is $69 a month and gives you a professional credit analysis, unlimited credit disputes, and access to a personal care advisor, among other services. The higher-priced package is the Essentials Plus program, which they claim is the most popular. This gives you everything you would have with the Essentials package, but adds unlimited validation and goodwill letters, as well as other service that are not available with the basic package. The Essentials Plus costs $89, and you can upgrade to a Fast-Track plan, which is $99 monthly. Another option is the Standard Essentials Plus, which has a discounted first-work fee of $89 and a $99 monthly charge. 

The company also advertises discounts, such as a couple’s discount and competitive upgrades, which give a $50 credit to your bill. There are also military and senior discounts available, and identity optimization is available for a one-time fee of $25.


The available services will depend on which contract you choose, either the Essentials or Essentials Plus. The Essentials, which is the basic, budget-minded package, gives everything you need for repairing your credit, including analyst support, bureau disputes, and dispute management. You get a personal care advisor with this company, as well as financial management tools to help with budgeting and paying debt.

Contract Structure

This is also paid monthly, but there is an initial fee that is larger than most companies. They also have a no-risk refund policy that allows you to end the services when you please and not pay for that month. For example, if you cancel services on February 15th, you would not pay for the month of February. 

Customer Service

They offer call-in support that is available on regular working hours throughout the week, as well as limited hours on the weekend. They also offer one-on-one service that can be beneficial when you need support or answers to questions relating to your profile. 

Overall Reputation

Overall, Ovation is known as a reliable and affordable credit-repair service. They have a strong reputation for service and support, although they may not be as readily available as other companies. With so many services and a variety of option plans, Ovation is a popular choice for many people who need credit repair in 2019.

Best-Known forReliability & PriceMonthly Fee$69.99Phone1-866-639-3426Editor’s Rating

Most Affordable Price Among the Best Credit Repair Companies of 2019

Winner: Sky Blue Credit Repair

While price should never be the only consideration when selecting a credit-repair service, it is one of the factors that you need to weigh. Pricing can be more difficult to compare than you might think, because different packages allow you to select the services you need at various prices.

Despite the slight complexities of comparing prices, it appears that Sky Blue is actually the most affordable option on our list. It only charges a starter fee of $69, with no additional charges until the next month, so for all intents and purposes you basically pay $69 a month to be a member. 

Ovation Credit also has a low price of $69.99 (only $.99 more than Sky Blue), but they have a $114 setup fee, which lowers their affordability rating. 

Here is how the best credit repair companies of 2019 compare in pricing:

Credit Repair Company Fee
Lexington Law $89.95 (Their lowest currently-available monthly price)
Sky Blue $69.00 a month $99.95
The Credit People $89
Ovation Credit $69.99

Best Credit Repair Company for Service

Winner: Sky Blue Credit Repair

Comparing prices is quite simple next to comparing service, which is subjective and difficult to quantify. That said, some credit repair companies clearly have a strong reputation for service, and this should be considered when making your choice, as it will factor into your overall happiness with their service.

According to information from Consumer Affairs, Sky Blue has the best rating for service, with a 4.8 out of 5. Two other companies (The Credit People and Ovation Credit) are 4.4 or better, while two (Lexington Law and are 3.2 or lower.

Consumer Affairs rating as of this writing: 

Credit Repair Company Consumer Affair Rating (Out of 5 Stars)
Lexington Law 3.2
Sky Blue 4.8 ​3.1
The Credit People 4.5
Ovation Credit 4.4

Best Credit Repair Company for Overall Features

Winner: Lexington Law

This is really what it all comes down to: who has the best features that allow you to improve your score? When looking at all the options offered by the best credit repair companies of 2019, it’s clear that Lexington Law has the best and most comprehensive features, propelling them to the top of the overall list.

If you choose the PremierPlus package, which costs $129.95 a month, you’ll get virtually everything you need for credit repair, as well as features and extras that make the process even more convenient and effective. From bureau challenges, which is a staple in the credit repair industry, to advanced personal finance tools, Lexington Law has some of the most effective, all-inclusive features you can find, and they are all available if you sign up for the PremierPlus package. 

These feature are so important for repairing your credit that, despite losing to Sky Blue in pricing and service, we can confidently call Lexington Law our top credit repair company for 2019!